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Dancer Expectations:


Please carefully read the following information that will be required of all dancers.


Attendance & Etiquette:

It is important for dancers to arrive to class on time. We would like dancers to arrive at least 10 minutes early to change their shoes, get ready, and catch up with their friends. Please strive for 100% attendance! If you do have to miss a class, please let your instructor know ahead of time.


No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. Also, there will be no gum, candy, or other food in the dance room. Water is allowed, but soda, juice, or colored water must be kept in the lobby. Dancers should bring their own water to class! (There is no drinking fountain!)


Behavior & Discipline:

Dancers are expected to follow the directions of their teacher. Please be respectful of your teacher and your classmates. The studio is a learning environment - no running or yelling is allowed. Please be quiet during class when other dancers are dancing - you can learn even more by watching!


Class Dress Code:

During class you are expected to wear appropriate, modest dance attire. Shorts, skirts, or capris are acceptable. No long pants, jeans, or pajama bottoms (we need to see your knees and ankles for proper technique.) Correct shoes must be worn at all times. Please pull your hair back so it is out of your face.



Because we perform several times throughout the year, all performances are optional. However, as a courtesy to your teachers and fellow dancers, you must notify your instructor three weeks prior to any performance if you are unable to participate. If we don't hear from you, we will assume that you will participate in the performance. The class before a performance is mandatory if students want to perform.


Of course, emergencies do happen, and we will make exceptions due to sickness, injury, or family emergency. Please try to keep your commitment as much as possible - it's not fair to your fellow dancers to have to re-arrange a dance without you at the last minute!


For performances, dancers must arrive at least 40 minutes earlier than our scheduled dance time. You should be dressed and ready to dance. If you would prefer to change at the venue please arrive a few minutes earlier to allow time to get ready.



You are responsible to maintain your costume properly. This includes repairing any rips or tears, and washing/ironing or dry-cleaning for a clean, polished look.


All dancers are expected to appear at performances properly groomed, with hair neatly done. Girls can style their hair however they choose, but we recommend pulling the sides out of your face, and curling whenever possible.


Adults must wear plain black, opaque tights with their costumes (no nylons or designs on the tights) as well as black trunks or biker shorts. Girls must wear white poodle socks. Boys must wear black socks (with either pants or kilt.)


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