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Questions... And the answers.


  • Can I come watch one of your clasees to see if I want to sign up for lessons?
  • Sure! You are welcome to stop by anytime. Please feel free to let us know that you're "checking us out". We'd love to answer any questions you might have.
  • If I sign up for lessons, do I have to perform?
  • No, but it's really fun! Performing with the group is not required, but trust us, it's a lot of fun. There is so much energy when we perform and everyone is clapping and taking pictures. Try it. We think you'll like it.
  • Should I start the classes part way through the year, or wait for next year?
  • Start now!
  • How much are the classes? Do you offer "Family" discounts?
  • The class fees are located on the "Classes" page. Yes, we offer "Family" discounts, unless you're a member of our families, then we charge you double. :-)
  • How much are the shoes? Can I make my own?
  • Expensive, but worth it. Your feet are doing most of the work, you should take good care of them. We have some resources for "gently used" shoes on our "Links" page. We can also help you find the right shoes to get you started.

    If you're really handy, you can make the soft shoes. If you're a cobbler, you can probably make the hard shoes, otherwise we recommend that you purchase the shoes.
  • How much are the dresses? Can I make my own?
  • Dresses for dancing are like any other type of dress. They can vary in price from just a few dollars "gently used" to many hundreds of dollars for a custom made "fancy" dress. We have several resources available for dresses and we don't require you to start off with a "fancy" dress.

    Again, if you're handy, you can probably make up your own dress. If you're really handy and you have the time, you may be able to make up your own "fancy" dress. Some of our dancers are related to some handy people who can make dresses. We also have resources to provide some of the apparel we use here as well as decoration resources for dresses you might make.


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